Shopping for Brexit

Do you remember The Three Day Week,Suez and WW2?

Then you are old enough to remember what a crisis can be like and the shortages and difficulties than can happen.Based on my real experience I have made a shopping list of extras I am getting together as a hard Brexit looms.I have neither the space or unlimited income to go on a massive spending spree.

Examine where your regular buys come from.Many will come from Europe, our major trading partner.My list is based on what we are likely to run short of fast.

Paper based goods coming from Scandinavia could be a problem.

Keep up with your prescriptions, get them to the pharmacy in good time.

Fresh fruit and vegetables from the Mediterranenan and Holland will not survive hanging about in lorries at the ports.I have bought a mini green house for my tiny garden to grow my own salads.

A recent power cut left me without a radio and torches which soon ran outof battery life.

Based on possible Brexit caused problems this is my list, not huge,just basic stuff for people like me who have modest houses and incomes.

Toilet paper

Kitchen Roll


Tea and Coffee

Laundry Pods

Dishwasher tablets

Mineral Water

Water Purifying tablets

Wind Up Radio and Torch

Olive Oil

Frozen fruit

Mini greenhouse and seed trays

Seeds for salads

Supermarkets will have built up huge stocks of non prishables like pasta ,canned foodand rice.I shall not clutter up my cupboards with this stuff yet.Not hoarding, just being practical.

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