My Back yard Container Garden

I started writing about my back yard in April.I am glad I put in some hard work then because I had to have knee replacement surgery and have had to leave things to their own devices while I recover.I am tottering around out there now and apart from some weeding, feeding with some liquid Tomorite,watering and moving things around a bit there has not been much to do.

This is how things are looking now

Geraniums and trailing lobelia and colour and as long as I dead head the geraniums and keep them watered they should keep going until the autumn frosts.

Hydrangeas are coming out and these make a big splash.The lavender smells lovely. I have put some Tumbling Tom tomatoes near the lavender as this attracts bees which which help to pollinate and set the tomatoes flowers into tiny sweet tomatoes
Lots of pots here .More tomatoes,sunflowers trying to reach for the sky,herbs of mint,thyme,chives and coriander for the kitchen.I shall use some of that fesh mint for a sauce to go with a little lamb joint I am planning to cook for dinner tonight.
I last visited the U.S.A. two years ago and bought some hyacinth bean seeds from the garden shop at Monticello.I was concerned about the cold weather here in England but after starting these seeds off in my tiny plastic green house they are now doing well transplanted into a large pot.I hope to see some of the magnifients purple flowers that I saw in the wonderful kitchen garden in Monticello.

The sun has come out and I am going to sit in my back yard with a cup of coffee.The do some painting .If you want to see my art blog have a look at

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